Georgie Sleeping


So what is it Georgie does?

Georgie reminds you to get up so you don't sit for too long. Sitting for long periods of time is bad for you. He also reminds you to stretch periodically.

Why is sitting so bad?

Georgie is a cat. You should check Google or ask a doctor.

Why does Georgie use background location services?

Georgie uses the iPhone's location services to run in the background and check your movements. It's all for your own good.

What about battery usage?

In testing Georgie takes up about 1-2% of normal daily use on an iPhone 6. YMMV. Go to Settings App > General > Usage > Battery Usage to check how Georgie is doing on your device.

What devices does Georgie work on

Georgie has been tested on iPhone 5S and up. Let us know if it works well for you on older models.

Can I customize Georgie?

Cats customize up to a point. You can setup how long you want Georgie to allow you to sit down, how often to remind you to stretch and when you want Georgie to be active (time of day and days of the week).

What if I am in the middle of something?

Georgie's alerts can be snoozed by pulling down the alert actions.

Who animated Georgie?

The wonderful Fernanda Frick.

I have some questions / feedback / suggestions / issues...

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